Electronic Services


Fastec Automotive is the one-stop shop for computer diagnostics, as well as drivability and engine control services. We ensure everything inside of the vehicle is working properly for the sake of your vehicle’s exterior features and parts. If you’re having trouble with one of the following, don’t wait to request an appointment. 

Computer: We can regularly evaluate your car’s computer for updates and proper operation. If it’s already failing and causing problems with sparkplugs, idle speed or fuel injectors, we can repair or replace it.

Diagnostics: We can expertly diagnose all of the electronic parts in your car, truck, van or SUV, no matter the make or model.

Drivability: If your ride is anything but smooth and steady, make an appointment with us to check the drivability of your car to figure out the cause of the problem. 

Engine Controls: If your vehicle’s engine controls are causing problems with regulating exhaust emissions or providing increased fuel economy, bring your car to us. 
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