Inspections & Emissions 


Safety inspections are required for all registered vehicles in New York State. Safety inspections ensure your car is safe to be on the road for your sake and that of others. During the inspection, most vehicles must also get an emissions inspection. At Fastec, we can check these off your to-do list! We’re a NY State Inspection, Certified Emissions Repair and Certified Emissions Test facility in LeRoy, NY.

NY State Inspection Station: We’re a privately-owned, government-certified safety inspection station where you can schedule your inspection each year.

NY State Certified Emissions Repair Facility: Our auto shop is licensed to repair emission-related issues by our certified emissions repair technician who has the proper training and qualifications.

NY State Certified Emissions Test Facility: We can perform emissions testing on all eligible vehicles, no matter the type of fuel used or model year.
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